About Us

kathy Brown and others 2006The Tombigbee Pioneer Group was organized to preserve the knowledge of the handcrafts and life styles of the early pioneer settlers in Mississippi. Our first demonstration was in 1995, at a log cabin located on the grounds of the Gilmore Museum in Amory, Mississippi. From that beginning, we now give Living History programs all over Northeast Mississipi, in schools, museums, libraries, festivals, etc. Also, we do a Pioneer Day for the Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center in Tupelo, Mississippi, on the fourth Saturday of each month from February through November. Some of the demonstrations include basketweaving, chair caning, spinning, weaving, quilting, sewing, leather working, mountain dulcimer playing, longhunters, and campfire cooking. We welcome anyone to join the group who has an interest in Early American history, and would be willing to demonstrate a craft to visitors at the events. We do require members to dress in early 1800’s outfits and provide for their own expenses. However, we are not a craft guild and do not make items specifically for sale. We interact with visitors and encourage them to sit down with us and participate in the crafts. At the Trace events you can make your own basket or weave a small leather pouch and take it home for free. We even have extra pioneer outfits and let visitors dress in them to get their picture made.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Tina says:

    just wanted you know I got my basket finished Saturday night, thanks for helping me to make another one. Love them both.
    Tina Pickering from Pontotoc,Ms

    • JD Jones says:

      Hi, glad you could finish it. Send me a pic at jjones3646@bellsouth.net and I’ll put it on here. Are you a member of this group? Do you want to be? I can add you if you wish. We also have a facebook page Tombigbee pioneers. Hope to see you again, thanks for coming out to see us.

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