Current Member List

Pat Arinder, Leatherworker, banjo, dulcimer
Irene Ausborn, Dulcimer Player
Jasmine Byrd, Dulcimer player
Martha Crawford, Basket Weaving
Marvin Daily, Kids Toys
Rebecca Dill, Dulcimer Player
Cate Dill, Dulcimer Player
Emma Jean Howell, Quilter
J D Jones, Basket Weaver, chair caner, soapmaker
Mary Ellen Krummrich, Spinner
Jan Krummrich, Weaver
Denise Miller, Quilter
Lee Waltress, Knitting
Sam Whitehead, Long Hunter
Pam Garner, vine baskets and corn shuck dolls
Percy Garner, old tools and chair caning
Evelyn Mason, quill pen writing
Eloise Bennett, corn shuck dolls
Gene Ingram, Long hunter
Brenda Blasingame, basket weaver

Mary Hutson, needle work, knitting, quilting and embroidery




1 Response to Current Member List

  1. I enjoyed being a part of Pioneer Day. It was a lot of fun, and so glad to meet new friends. Also it was great to get to see all that you all do. Want to learn more. Thank you Pat for inviting us. We will be there in November. I go by Eloise or my nickname Weesie. Which ever one you want to use. JD, I want to have time to see you make those baskets.

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